[Trip] New Year Eve – 31st Dec 2013

An eve spent in search of happiness and celebration of new year, but failed.

It was not an ordinary day, but a new year eve which is celebrated all around the world in almost every country. A day for which other Countries are in the race to break records of world’s largest FIRE WORKS, we are left with empty roads leading to public celebration spots blocked with huge containers by the authorities.

I along with The Canon Gang and some other photographers left home for Keamari and got on the yacht that was booked earlier to capture great shots on new year eve. Assuming we will get to see Firework on Clifton Beach (sea-view) of Karachi as we were informed by the residents of that area that they get to see it from their homes on every new year eve, we left to the Oyster Island. As we had decided to place our cameras along with tripods on the Oyster Island we assumed of capturing stunning fireworks with its reflection on the sea. We reached the spot just 5 min before 12am, waiting to see the blast and getting our equipment ready, the 1st bad news we got to hear from the driver of the yacht was that we cannot get on to the Oyster Island due to the rise in sea level, aaah that was a disaster because we cannot take slow shutter shots from a moving boat. We still decided to capture the fireworks taking hand held shots, and at 12 am the sounds of FIRES in air confirmed us that it was 2014 now. We kept waiting waiting and waiting to see the sky getting lit up with colorful lights and firework, but sadly we did not see anything. Just few shots by some locals at far distance may be. That was a disaster and it turned off my mood badly, cursing our politicians and thinking why is it that this Country is in the hands of those who celebrate new year’s eve by having wild parties and drinks all the night, and for common people all the ways of entertainment and happiness are blocked with containers and police + rangers deployed every where.

But never the less, when I have The Canon Gang around, any poor trip can be changed into a great one. As always we were assisted by brother Irfan Sattar, he had some better plans as he had arranged us a fish which was cooked on the ship, lush cold winds crossing my ears, it was pleasant to have such a lovely dinner on the sea followed by Kawah (green tea). Nothing we had to capture forced us to get busy in capturing our own images which we call DPs haha as they are meant for facebook mostly testing my camera’s iso as many images were taken on 5,000 and 8,000 iso with 50mm 1.8 lens. In the end I have these images to share with all of you. The album can be directly accessed by visiting ALBUMS –> Travel, BTS & Others –> New Year Eve- 31st Dec 13.

Or the images can be seen on this blog as well.

I hope we get to see something better on the even of next year, I hope our politicians start thinking about us rather than themselves and their families only. I would like to thank Irfan Sattar, Rizwan Bhiriya, Aadil Jadoon, Furqan Moosani, Sameer Khan, Ayaz Shaikh, Aqeel Baig and other fellow photographers for making this night wonderful.

Photography credits: Israr Shah, Sameer Khan, Furqan Moosani & Rizwan Bhiriya


Israr Shah.



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