Stars Galaxy [Time Lapse]

How world revolves?

So here I am posting the Time Lapse movie of STARS and MILKYWAY I got to capture in the SWAT VALLEY, KPK, Pakistan in July 2013. The basic idea was to capture the STAR TRAILS, but whats better than getting two things at same time? Start Trails (stacked images) which can be found in the Long Exposures & Star Trail gallery and now its movie. I did not post this before because I thought of using it in some other time lapse video, but couldn’t wait anymore to share it with my fans and loved ones. Video mixing + post processing has been done by Abrar Shah.

Direct link:

The time lapse has been shot on 2 nights because was not getting clear sky which can be seen in the video also :) . I hope you all would like the work. waiting for your response :)

Israr Shah.



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