For me, shooting for sports is always thrilling! It gives the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Whether it is about capturing heavy bikes, a sudden six in cricket or any sport, charisma lies in maintaining that sensation and extremes of emotion. All my work is set with that charisma.

Nature is pure love! I’m privileged to capture the most scenic days of my life all around the world. The shoots will leave you in admiration of our unexplored earth. Same is for the buildings and structures that gave me opportunity to capture the way I like.

I love to photograph people! All these portraits carry pure feelings of happiness, dismay, awe or nostalgia, which left me with the satisfaction of capturing ‘that perfect click!’

Wildlife is truly an exciting type of photography! For those animals, my rule was to know them better, and it will show. I've tried my best to make these pictures as exciting as that actual moment.

Here you’ll see how my product photography has visually displayed the product in this extraordinary manner. The products can look so appealing with little technique and lots of practice. Other than this, misc stuff also goes here.

This is the lovely part! All these clicks leans towards portraying the story of love, happiness, pleasure, nervousness and all that is the part of the special day for bride, groom and family.

An essence of beauty automatically filters through every image because of the subject. It is all on the photographer that how he exposes the given task with his techniques and thinking to make justice with the portfolio or designer shoot.

Shooting for stars and celebrity itself adds glamour to the picture. All those ramp walks, fashion shows and fascinating moments with stars captured through my lens is highlighting incredible showbiz.

Capturing events is fun and exciting, though it is not so easy. All this has been possible by just enjoying the particular event, keeping my eyes open for all opportunities and the camera ready!

Travelling is my passion and so is photography, and when they both come together; something great has to happen! Just by little effort, techniques and expanded thinking, my shoots of traveling tells a story. And yes, all those off-the-camera moments are gold.